• Zesta Kitchen Renovation

The Weekly Review Feature Article

"Transform a dull and dark kitchen with a fresh new look" by Melissa Heagney. With a kitchen that was built the year Back to the Future was in cinemas, Andrea and Steve knew they needed an update. The Templestowe couple did a lot of research before choosing a new design that has transformed the

  • Laundry

The Basics of Designing an Efficient Laundry

A bit of planning, and thinking through some storage options when installing a new laundry can make for an efficient, smooth-functioning household. Here are some things to consider before you design one.Customers who buy a new kitchen from us, often put in a new laundry at the same time. After all, it has the same

  • Kitchen Renovation Hampton

How long should a Kitchen Renovation take?

You may be wondering how long a kitchen renovation takes and what elements are involved, so here's a guide to follow. Firstly, good quality, well-planned kitchen renovations take time so it is essential they are not rushed. From the initial confirmed design and order with manufacturing the process is broken into the following. The

  • designing a kitchen

The First Steps to Designing a Kitchen

We get a really diverse mix of people who walk into our showrooms when they want to buy a new kitchen, either for a new home or a renovation. While some have a very clear idea of what they want, others are still exploring their options and are not sure of…well, anything. Some others

  • Kitchen Cost

What Does a New Kitchen Cost?

You’ve been thinking about changing that dated, less than functional kitchen for a few months, maybe years. It’s time for a renovation, but you don’t know where to start. How about at the very beginning? What will it cost? Unfortunately, that’s a bit like asking, how long is a piece of string. Every kitchen

  • Zesta Kitchens Richmond Showroom

Zesta Kitchens Richmond Showroom Opening

Zesta Kitchens held a recent opening night to launch their newly designed Richmond Showroom.  This night brought together world class kitchen products and suppliers. A wonderful night shared with Kitchen Designers, kitchen suppliers, stonemasons, appliance suppliers and hardware suppliers, wining and dining together.   The new Richmond Kitchen Showroom displays state of the art products such

  • Kitchen Design Styles

Traditional or Modern: An Overview of Kitchen Design Styles

Choosing the right kitchen for a new home or renovation can be very daunting. So many decisions to make – layout, style, colour, appliances, cabinetry, accessories. And the fear of making a wrong decision is real. A mistake could be costly and you may not get the kitchen you visualise. So, we have decided

  • Templestowe Kitchen Transformation

Ideas to create the Perfect Kitchen

Everyone dreams of creating the “perfect kitchen”, one that will accommodate the whole family. The reality can be very different when you need to work to a space within a home.  Here's a few kitchen ideas to help. Whether the space is a small kitchen or a large one, there are simple but clever

Before and After Kitchen Renovation

Look at this dark, old, tired kitchen that had outlived the family.  The customers decided it was time for a new kitchen renovation, having grown very tired of the wood, the clutter on the benchtops and the lack of storage - it was finally time to renovate. In the initial in-home kitchen design consultation

Kitchen Styling

The Kitchen is the hub of the home, somewhere we spend a lot of time cooking, chatting, reading, an afternoon cuppa or just passing through. Spending so much time means we need to provide a unique, fresh feel to this space.  Styling your kitchen needs to be unique to you and your home’s personality so