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How to Get the Traditional Kitchen Look Right

Traditional kitchens have always been popular, but thanks to TV shows like The Block, they have become very trendy. New versions are incorporating modern design elements helping them blend easily in contemporary homes. The traditionally-styled kitchen is sometimes a bit misunderstood as unfashionable, dowdy and dated.  Nothing could be further from the truth. A traditional

Inspirational Kitchen Renovations

Our Kitchen Renovation Projects as Featured on Houzz.    Select the arrows below to browse through our latest kitchen projects for inspiration for your kitchen renovation.    

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Getting Ready for Your New Kitchen

You’ve spent hours planning and designing the kitchen of your dreams with the help of a great designer. You’ve seen real-life 3-D images of the kitchen. It’s perfect. The order has been placed. You can almost picture yourself and your family in your custom-designed kitchen. There’s a bit to do before that really happens,

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What is the Role of a Kitchen Designer

Every customer is different and so is every designer. But one thing is cast in stone - the customer’s needs come first. And if you have chosen or are considering the right kitchen company, it should be about what you need, and the style and look you want. The designer’s role is in facilitating

The Block Kitchen Reveal

Wow, we love watching the Kitchen Reveals and The Block this season was no exception. The final reveals of all kitchens were sophisticated and warm. It helped that the kitchen spaces were large, not the average size due to the 5 bedroom houses and was great to see the incorporation of spaces like the

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How to Choose the Best Kitchen Company

Everyone has a different way of finding a kitchen company. Some will research online and others will depend on word-of-mouth recommendations. Some will fall for appealing advertising and others will base their decision on a showroom visit. But for most it is a combination of factors. If you are buying a kitchen for the

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Kitchen Renovation Sandringham

Kitchen Renovation Sandringham This Hampton Kitchen created the perfect update for this Sandringham Kitchen Renovation. In the initial discussions with this client, it was obvious he enjoyed the outlook of natural light, greenery and blue skies (when there is in Melbourne), to filter into his kitchen space. White cabinetry of some type

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The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories are the continuity component in the kitchen’s design. They extend and further highlight the style, and in some cases, can be a feature element. But they also contribute immensely to how well the kitchen functions. Here’s a look at some key accessories and how to choose well. By the time customers come

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In The Media: The Weekly Review Feature Article

"Transform a dull and dark kitchen with a fresh new look" by Melissa Heagney. With a kitchen that was built the year Back to the Future was in cinemas, Andrea and Steve knew they needed an update. The Templestowe couple did a lot of research before choosing a new design that has transformed the

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The Basics of Designing an Efficient Laundry

A bit of planning, and thinking through some storage options when installing a new laundry can make for an efficient, smooth-functioning household. Here are some things to consider before you design one. Customers who buy a new kitchen from us, often put in a new laundry at the same time. After all, it has