Safety in the Kitchen

The design and organisation of a kitchen is linked to safety. Safety in the kitchen is vital as many accidents could be avoided by good kitchen design and organization. Not only does a kitchen need to be pleasing to the eye but also well organized.

When considering kitchen design ideas we must look at the ease we can prepare and store food. The placement of the stove and the sink should be close to each other this will reduce the risk of scalds. Also having bench tops either side of the stove avoids the need to carry hot foods and liquids long distances.

Storage is also another way of avoiding accidents in the kitchen, and should be considered when it comes to new kitchen designs. Items that are used frequently should be stored in easy reach and at a convenient height, preferably between shoulder and hip height. Also by incorporating large drawers into kitchen designs could reduce the need for bending and reduce back strain. Kitchen overhead cupboards should not be built to ceiling height as this stops the need for ladders or even people trying to use unsafe chairs to stand on in order to reach items from the top of these cupboards.

To design a kitchen that is safety conscious we must look at each family’s demographics. Of course if there are small children involved safety is paramount. The design should be able to be flexible and grow with the family, and this is where designer kitchens are important.

Drawers and cupboards where knives, scissors, matches and poisons are stored should not be able to be accessible to children. This can be done by clever planning and organizing. Safety locks which can be easily removed when not required are a must. We could also consider a safety gate to the entrance to the kitchen to stop access to the kitchen when cooking. A designer kitchen should incorporate all the requirements of you and your family.

By designing a kitchen for the needs of the family and keeping the safety factor as part of our design, and our kitchen designer team in Melbourne can design a sleek practical modern kitchen which will be the heart of the home.


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