Designing a home office that suits you!

Working from home definitely has some advantages but life can be tricky when everyone is at home!  Designing a home office that suits your needs now as well as the future is key. A successful home office requires creating a space that will promote efficient motivation as well as turning your space into an asset. A key to productivity is minimal distractions from daily life. Whilst this may be true for yourself this may not be the case for young children who need supervision.  To ensure you design a space that is right we’ve put together some tips to create a workspace that will grow with your family. Identify your needs Your needs will depend on the type of work you do and whether you will continue to use this space in the future. Ask yourself if you will work from home in the future and what that may look like. [...]

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Mount Martha Kitchen, Laundry and living reno

This Mount Martha home underwent a whole-house renovation.  Central to the renovation was new Kitchen, Laundry and living room which Zesta Kitchens designed and supplied. As can be seen in the before photo above, the parquetry flooring that was once very popular now looks dated when viewed in conjunction with Kitchen.  In addition, the flow and functionality of the kitchen space needed improvement. Central to the brief was for the style to be more consistent with the rest of the spaces within the home. Our lovely clients first visited the Richmond Showroom where they decided to work with Designer Mary to create their vision. Being such a large project it was important to ensure the design worked for the family when using it over the holidays. As a holiday home, the flow within the kitchen space needed to be improved and it was important that a large island bench for [...]

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Fairfield Renovation – Kitchen, Butler’s Pantry and Laundry

This was such a special Renovation where we transformed the back part of this lovely home in Fairfield, Melbourne. This “before photo” clearly displays a kitchen living area dating back to the 70’s. Dark timber cabinetry with brown toning flooring, that was once so fashionable. makes the kitchen feel drab. Our favourite part of this older style kitchen was the sidewall cabinet where the dinner plates fitted into slots for easy reach and also acts as a display cabinet. Once so fashionable but now seen as a dust collector! The clients first approached Zesta Kitchens some six months prior to their renovation. They were at a loss where to begin such a mammoth renovation and were seeking answers to their questions. Their initial discussions with our Richmond Designer, Mary was focussed on the future needs of this family. In this project, working with a builder the couple knew they could [...]

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This small kitchen renovation was a charity renovation for Project Seven in conjunction with Norsuhome. This family were in desperate need of updated spaces to cope with their growing demands. The family have been fostering children for Berry Street for many years. Almost overnight this family went from five to seven and space was a problem, not to mention the old kitchen and dining area! The kitchen from the 1920’s was dark, small and lacked functionality. Enter Zesta Kitchens to transform the space into a bright, modern yet fully functional space for this family of seven. Following discussions with NorsuHome the white Hampton kitchen was chosen to open up the space and the soft palette of Blanco Cararra Neolith benchtops was the perfect match for the kitchen space. The dark brickwork was plastered almost immediately creating a brighter space. The addition of the free-standing island bench created additional seating [...]


Kitchen Renovation Taylors Hill

The existing kitchen in this Taylors Hill home was outdated.  The family wanted a kitchen renovation that would modernise their home adding a touch of luxury. The kitchen lacked bench prep space and the clients disliked the angled cabinetry leading to the adjoining lounge area. The clients have many grandchildren and they wanted space where they could sit at the island bench while grandma cooked in the kitchen. During discussions with Mary, Kitchen Designer from Richmond the brief was agreed. Increase the island bench and add extra cabinetry to create a classic u-shaped kitchen. This would provide better functionality and form to the kitchen space. The key to this design is the larger island bench increasing not only bench space but also additional cabinetry in front of the island bench. The overhang of the benchtop creates form and perfect to pop the breakfast bar stools for the grandkids. The tall [...]

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Coburg Kitchen Renovation

This period home in the heart of Coburg was ready for a Kitchen update. Originally, the kitchen was closed off from the neighbouring dining space and blocked off by a solid wall. Following discussions on what the clients wanted to achieve, it was clear the wall needed to be removed. This would not only improve the flow when entering and exiting the kitchen space but also make it easier to serve meals to the neighbouring dining area. The idea of creating a larger open space between kitchen and dining/living areas was exciting although daunting for the clients. The solution was simple. Remove the wall, create an open plan kitchen with a free-standing island bench to increase flow and provide additional storage. The designer, Mary Maksemos from the Richmond Showroom set to design a Hampton style kitchen that would match the style of this period home perfectly. The client organised for [...]

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There is much history behind this stunning kitchen renovation. Originally this warehouse apartment was the site of the Bosisto Eucalyptus distillery in Richmond. Eucalyptus oil has been a powerful part of the world’s arts, manufacturers, medicinal and cleaning for many generations and the bold industrial design of the building is prevalent today.   This couple was looking to transform their old kitchen.  This was because the existing stainless steel and white cabinetry had a servery that closed off the kitchen from the adjoining open space. The brief was to update the kitchen and have it seamlessly connect to the adjoining living and entertaining spaces. They wanted a lighter, industrial style that could be used as an entertaining zone as well as a kitchen. In the initial design brief with Mary Maksemos (Richmond Showroom), it was identified that there was a lack of open space.  Removing the servery wall solved the lack [...]


Sunshine Kitchen Renovation

Updated as part of an extension many years ago, the original kitchen in this Sunshine home needed an update. Closed off from the adjoining dining/living space, the kitchen felt disconnected from the main living areas in the home. Initial discussions with our client revealed that organisation was a major problem. They wanted a well organised space where they could easily entertain their children and grandkids who often gathered in their home. The brief was simple. Create an open plan kitchen with more bench space and storage. To achieve the brief, Mary Maksemos from Richmond Showroom, designed a “hidden pantry” with finger-pull handles and sliding concertina doors. This made access to the pantry easy and solved the client’s organisation needs. However, flow and functionality also needed to be improved. Adding a new single island bench opened up the workflow and made it easier to access the adjoining dining area. Natural light [...]

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Kitchen Renovation Croydon Hills

This new kitchen, located in Croydon Hills, northeast of Melbourne is one of our more recent Kitchen projects. In dire need of a kitchen update, the clients of this family home visited Zesta Kitchens Nunawading to discuss their options.  Our talented Kitchen Designer, Paul Farrugia, was delighted to be part of this design. The end result was a big improvement. The brief from the clients was to have a brighter and lighter space.  It needed to be a place where family and friends could pull up a chair to chat while the chef whizzed up a delightful meal.  With this in mind, Paul recommended the Qualia White Gloss cabinetry to help reflect more light into the kitchen. The slimline handles worked well with both the cabinetry and the stainless steel appliances. The beautiful YDL Semento benchtops enhance the grey and white hexagonal backdrop. There are so many things to love [...]

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Richmond Kitchen Industrial Design: Before and After

This Richmond Apartment near the hustle and bustle of nearby Bridge Road displays the industrial design renovation so popular to this neighbourhood. As seen (below) the previous Kitchen was dated and was inconsistent with the style and flow of other rooms in this Apartment. The new industrial design has created better functionality, flow and storage. Before Zesta Kitchens Kitchen Renovation Listening to the client, there was a clear need for improved user-friendly cooking spaces, seamless functionality and better storage within the tight constraints.  A clutter-free benchtop was also an ideal scenario! The Kitchen Design aimed to create an industrial feel to complement the adjoining dining and living zones. Mary Maksemos, Richmond Designer set about creating a sophisticated Kitchen with the limited space available. The outcome is a new kitchen that has an industrial vibe, clean lines, increased storage and includes an induction cooktop for easier apartment cooking. The [...]

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