Laminate Kitchen Cabinets vs Two Pack Kitchens

Modern day homeowners are fortunate to have so many options when designing their brand new kitchen. Unfortunately, that same level of choice can make building a dream kitchen an absolute nightmare. One question that enters the mind of many is what finish you should choose for your cabinetry. Should you go the classic laminate route? Or should you opt for a two pack cabinetry finish? Regardless of either, is matte or gloss the way to go? What you decide depends on your taste, your budget, and a few other factors. Below we’ll detail what each type of finish is as well as their benefits and drawbacks.   What Is Laminate Cabinetry? Laminate cabinetry first hit the scene back in the 1950s. Economical and stylish, this layered paper finish is resin forced with additional thermosetting resins, making it durable and long-lasting. We know what you may be thinking – laminate is [...]

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How to Save Money by Doing Both Your Kitchen and Laundry Renovation at the Same Time

Any home renovation is a major undertaking. The thought of having strangers in your home for days on end can be unnerving, never mind the thought of mess, flying dust, and disruption. But as anyone who has undergone a successful home renovation will tell you, the end results are well worth the sacrifices made. This couldn’t be more true than having a renovation crew in your home while renovating multiple areas of your home – like the kitchen and laundry area. We know what you’re thinking: our house will be unliveable with two renovation projects happening within the same timeline! We promise you that it is possible and it will actually save you money for a number of obvious reasons:   1. The Renovation Crew Is Already On-Site Every time you bring a renovation crew out for a new project, you can expect to spend hundreds if not thousands of [...]

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Kitchen Renovations: Lessons from the Block 2019

Recently The Block aired its much anticipated Kitchen Reveal episode on 9Now featuring Judges Darren Palmer, Shaynna Blaze, and Neale Whitaker. Five teams competed against one another for the most points, and not surprisingly, many of the kitchens emanated the same style and used the same materials as we do here at Melbourne-based Zesta Kitchens. Today we’re going to do a quick overview of each of the kitchens, starting with the lowest scoring of the bunch, El’ise and Matt.   El’ise and Matt Score: 23.5 (DP 8, SB 7.5, NW 8)   This smart-looking kitchen featured slick grey coloured cabinets with slimline handles and a light Primordia Caesarstone benchtop. It gave a more intimate feel and proved itself to be cutting edge with its wall of technology. With that said, a lot of design features were obviously ignored or never considered. The island bench, while an appreciated touch, featured a [...]

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Five Steps to a Gorgeous Hampton Kitchen

The Hampton-style kitchen is a classic and easily one of the most in-demand styles in Melbourne today. This style, which exudes a casual coastal-feel, is equally sophisticated and refined.   Designing a Hampton kitchen takes a lot of consideration. Classic shapes and natural lighting should both be incorporated into its beautiful design. Below are five additional steps to consider when planning your Hampton kitchen.   Step 1: The Colour Scheme   Hampton kitchens often feature a specific colour scheme such as white. One to note is that while the cabinetry can be any colour, the cabinets tend to be a lighter shade while the flooring is typically a darker wood. These create an eye-catching contrast which enhances the beauty of the space. While white cabinetry is also a top contender, there are other colour choices available including blue or grey.  Blue and grey are also attractive alternatives to white, and [...]

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How to Make Your Kitchen Space More Functional with a New Design

A beautiful kitchen is a dream, but at its core, it has to be functional. Not only can a poorly designed kitchen lead to many daily frustrations, but it can waste loads of time and cause costly mishaps. The most common cause behind a badly designed kitchen is its layout. Placement of cabinets, drawers, and the type of storage you have (and where) will all have a major impact on how well you’re able to use this space. If you’re in the throes of designing a new kitchen or considering renovating your kitchen in future, here are some tips on how to improve the functionality of what is known as being the heart of every home.   Plan Properly for Corners Corners can arguably be one of the most awkward – and thus the most underutilised – spaces in a kitchen. While you may think that cabinets won’t fit the [...]

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What Kitchen Style Best Suits Your Personality or Home?

When envisioning yourself enjoying a cup of coffee in your kitchen or cooking up a storm, what do you see? Is it a traditional space that brings back feelings of nostalgia, or is it stream-lined utilitarian backdrop? Or has your idea of what is your “dream kitchen” changed so many times over the past few months that you aren’t sure what your kitchen style even is any more? Being involved in the kitchen industry since 1946, we at Zesta Kitchens understand the challenge. We hope our post on which kitchen style best suits both your personality or your home will help bring some clarity on this important decision when renovating your kitchen and help guide you on your kitchen design choices. I was expecting to see kitchen design choices when I clicked on that link - I can't see how that would guide me?   The Classic Traditional Kitchen Today’s [...]

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Key Considerations When Designing a New Kitchen

The kitchen is known as being the heart of the home, so there is a lot of pressure to get a Melbourne kitchen design right. Having a kitchen design layout that is as functional as it is beautiful is important when it comes to having a long-lasting kitchen. The best way to ensure that your kitchen ticks both boxes is ample planning.   Any Melbourne kitchen design can be an overwhelming process. That’s why we at Zesta Kitchens have put together a quick list of top considerations to be made when planning your new kitchen layout.   1. Functionality   The functionality of your kitchen should be at the core of every step of your Melbourne kitchen design. A functional kitchen will address all of your needs, including: Appliances and their placement (including their dimensions) Storage (shelving, cabinetry, drawers, etc.) Benchtop space Organisation options (including cabinetry and drawer options) Water, [...]

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Will Black Kitchens Make Your Space Look Smaller?

As any Melbourne Kitchen Designer will tell you, dark and dramatic kitchen cabinetry has seen a surge in popularity lately. From giving kitchens a stylish contemporary vibe to helping define spaces and providing a dramatic backdrop for vivid shades, the demand for black kitchen cabinetry is on the rise. But here’s the challenge: do dark colours make spaces look and feel smaller than they actually are? If so, shouldn’t they be avoided in a small kitchen? The Short Of It: Yes, Black Cabinets Can Visually “Shrink” a Space. Unlike lighter tones and colours, dark colours absorb light rather than reflect it throughout a space. This can cause a room to feel more cramped. The important part of the last sentence is the word “can”. Yes, black cabinetry can make a room feel more confining than it actually is. But colour techniques, design concepts, lighting and more can trick anyone’s eye [...]

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Kitchen Pantry Systems: Pros and Cons

Pantries have come a long way in the past decade. Once essentially a large cupboard for storing food, major innovations in the kitchen design industry have led to vast improvements in how we can store and organise our ingredients.   Navigating your choices can be a bit tricky, so we’ve put together a guide that we hope will help you determine which of the five pantry systems will be best for your new or renovated kitchen.   Pull-Out Baskets   The Good Requiring minimal cleaning, this pantry option puts everything you need front and centre. Homeowners will also appreciate the ease of the pull out with the ease of pull out so that you can view pantry contents easily.   The Bad Some may argue that they look cheap. Do your research as there are an array of pull-out baskets available of varying quality and features. The ones we sell [...]

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A Spotlight on Black Kitchens: Pros and Cons

There are so many things to consider when designing your new kitchen. Durability, layout, and features all top the list. The other element which homeowners struggle with is the colour of their kitchen. There are some classic colour selections out there which rarely go out of style. Then there are other colour options – like black kitchens. The colour of your kitchen is going to affect the look and feel of the entire space. To help you decide whether a black kitchen is right for you, we’ve put together a quick list of pros and cons.   The pros of owning a black kitchen   An on-trend colour option for your space Black is starting to become a cutting edge trend in kitchen design. Getting in on the colour trend now means that you’ll be ahead of the curve.   A slick and modern colour Grey tones have been a [...]

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