There is much history behind this stunning kitchen renovation. Originally this warehouse apartment was the site of the Bosisto Eucalyptus distillery in Richmond. Eucalyptus oil has been a powerful part of the world’s arts, manufacturers, medicinal and cleaning for many generations and the bold industrial design of the building is prevalent today.   This couple was looking to transform their old kitchen.  This was because the existing stainless steel and white cabinetry had a servery that closed off the kitchen from the adjoining open space. The brief was to update the kitchen and have it seamlessly connect to the adjoining living and entertaining spaces. They wanted a lighter, industrial style that could be used as an entertaining zone as well as a kitchen. In the initial design brief with Mary Maksemos (Richmond Showroom), it was identified that there was a lack of open space.  Removing the servery wall solved the lack [...]


Kitchen Pantry Systems: Pros and Cons

Pantries have come a long way in the past decade. Once essentially a large cupboard for storing food, major innovations in the kitchen design industry have led to vast improvements in how we can store and organise our ingredients.   Navigating your choices can be a bit tricky, so we’ve put together a guide that we hope will help you determine which of the five pantry systems will be best for your new or renovated kitchen.   Pull-Out Baskets   The Good Requiring minimal cleaning, this pantry option puts everything you need front and centre. Homeowners will also appreciate the ease of the pull out with the ease of pull out so that you can view pantry contents easily.   The Bad Some may argue that they look cheap. Do your research as there are an array of pull-out baskets available of varying quality and features. The ones we sell [...]

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A Spotlight on Black Kitchens: Pros and Cons

There are so many things to consider when designing your new kitchen. Durability, layout, and features all top the list. The other element which homeowners struggle with is the colour of their kitchen. There are some classic colour selections out there which rarely go out of style. Then there are other colour options – like black kitchens. The colour of your kitchen is going to affect the look and feel of the entire space. To help you decide whether a black kitchen is right for you, we’ve put together a quick list of pros and cons.   The pros of owning a black kitchen   An on-trend colour option for your space Black is starting to become a cutting edge trend in kitchen design. Getting in on the colour trend now means that you’ll be ahead of the curve.   A slick and modern colour Grey tones have been a [...]

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Where to Get Inspiration for Your Kitchen Renovation

Are you considering a kitchen renovation in Melbourne? Then you’re likely on the hunt for a fresh helping of kitchen inspiration. If you’re not sure where to look, here’s a quick rundown of where you can find fresh ideas for your new kitchen.   Websites   The internet is a treasure trove of kitchen design inspiration. Here you’ll find almost any thinkable – as well as unthinkable – design idea which can get the gears moving on your own kitchen project. There are many websites out there to draw inspiration from, like Houzz, Instagram, and Pinterest. Just be aware that when you start a kitchen design search online that you may suddenly find yourself looking up from the screen to discover that hours have slipped by.   Home and garden magazines   Magazines are loaded with gorgeous images showcasing the best kitchen designs and layouts. The benefit of looking through [...]

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Sunshine Kitchen Renovation

Updated as part of an extension many years ago, the original kitchen in this Sunshine home needed an update. Closed off from the adjoining dining/living space, the kitchen felt disconnected from the main living areas in the home. Initial discussions with our client revealed that organisation was a major problem. They wanted a well organised space where they could easily entertain their children and grandkids who often gathered in their home. The brief was simple. Create an open plan kitchen with more bench space and storage. To achieve the brief, Mary Maksemos from Richmond Showroom, designed a “hidden pantry” with finger-pull handles and sliding concertina doors. This made access to the pantry easy and solved the client’s organisation needs. However, flow and functionality also needed to be improved. Adding a new single island bench opened up the workflow and made it easier to access the adjoining dining area. Natural light [...]

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Lessons Learned from over 6,000 Kitchen Renovations

Since starting kitchen renovations back in 1946, we’ve learned a thing or two about kitchens. Today we’re going to share some of the most important lessons which will benefit anyone planning a kitchen renovation, starting with:   Take time when choosing your cabinets   An organised and functional kitchen needs to have quality cabinets. There are many styles available on the market today, which can make the process quite overwhelming for some. Start by deciding whether you prefer a modern or a traditional look, and then start shopping for styles. Think about the size of your kitchen and how the cabinetry will work with your space (for example, if you have a smaller kitchen, look into some space-saving options like carousel corner cabinets). Next, choose the right material for both your budget and your expectations.  You may like gloss cabinetry, however gloss can display marks when the light enters your [...]

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Kitchen Renovation Croydon Hills

This new kitchen, located in Croydon Hills, northeast of Melbourne is one of our more recent Kitchen projects. In dire need of a kitchen update, the clients of this family home visited Zesta Kitchens Nunawading to discuss their options.  Our talented Kitchen Designer, Paul Farrugia, was delighted to be part of this design. The end result was a big improvement. The brief from the clients was to have a brighter and lighter space.  It needed to be a place where family and friends could pull up a chair to chat while the chef whizzed up a delightful meal.  With this in mind, Paul recommended the Qualia White Gloss cabinetry to help reflect more light into the kitchen. The slimline handles worked well with both the cabinetry and the stainless steel appliances. The beautiful YDL Semento benchtops enhance the grey and white hexagonal backdrop. There are so many things to love [...]

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Five Sure-fire Signs It’s Time to Renovate Your Kitchen

If your home is like many others in Australia, it was built anywhere from 20 to 40 years ago – and the kitchen is likely to be just as old as the home. But does that necessarily mean that you need to renovate that space? Here are five surefire signs your kitchen is crying out for an update, starting with the first:   You hate it and hate using it   If your kitchen is falling apart, ugly, or so outdated you can’t stand setting foot in it, it’s time for a renovation. While your friends love you for who you are, you still find the room so embarrassing that you feel uncomfortable bringing your most trusted friend or family member into the space.   There isn’t enough room   You know you don’t have enough space in your kitchen if: Your cabinets are packed and kitchen items are being [...]

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Richmond Kitchen Industrial Design: Before and After

This Richmond Apartment near the hustle and bustle of nearby Bridge Road displays the industrial design renovation so popular to this neighbourhood. As seen (below) the previous Kitchen was dated and was inconsistent with the style and flow of other rooms in this Apartment. The new industrial design has created better functionality, flow and storage. Before Zesta Kitchens Kitchen Renovation Listening to the client, there was a clear need for improved user friendly cooking spaces, seamless functionality and better storage within the tight constraints.  A clutter free benchtop was also an ideal sceanario! The Kitchen Design aimed to create an industrial feel to complement the adjoining dining and living zones. Mary Maksemos, Richmond Designer set about creating a sophisticated Kitchen with the limited space available. The outcome is a new kitchen that has an industrial vibe, clean lines, increased storage and includes an induction cooktop for easier apartment [...]

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A Realistic Look at How Long It Takes to Build a Kitchen in Melbourne

How long do you think the average Melbourne Kitchen Renovation takes? Two weeks? A month? A Zesta Kitchen Renovation in your home typically takes less time than other kitchen renovations. But it’s still important to set realistic expectations of how long your kitchen renovation will take, particularly if you have future plans which may interfere with the process or if you have a certain date you plan on having potential home buyers over to view the property. The first and most important step typically takes the longest, and it’s hard to say exactly how long it will take:   Choosing your perfect kitchen   Time: 2 to 8 weeks This can take months, if not years, if you haven’t seriously been considering a kitchen renovation. If you choose to work with one of our Kitchen Designers, you will need to take into account the time you’ll spend meeting with them [...]

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