The Block Kitchens: What We Love and What We’d Change

Like many of you, we’re avid watchers of The Block. And, just like you, we’re often awed by the results these ‘renovation rookies’ produce. Unsurprisingly, Kitchen Week is usually our favourite. We love seeing what the contestants come up with and the creativity they bring to the design process. The show also creates a few new trends each season and we like to stay up to date on what homeowners will be looking for from their own renovation projects. This year has been particularly interesting, with the need for the designs to reflect the period of the home. This has forced most of the contestants to think beyond their personal style and led to some truly inspired choices. Unfortunately, it has also revived some trends that we’d have happily left in the past. In recognition of this, we wanted to share some of our thoughts on this year’s kitchens and [...]

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Australian Made and Owned

With our heritage dating back to 1946 and over 74 years supplying Victorian homes with beautiful, quality kitchens we are proud to be Australian Made and Owned manufactured right here in Melbourne. We delight in creating functional yet beautiful spaces that suit your needs and the style of your home.  Whether it be a kitchen, laundry, pantry, home office, TV cabinetry or any cabinetry for your home we take extra care to listen to your needs for now and your future space. Zesta Kitchens has been certified by Australian Made and Owned trademark.  It is the true mark of Australian authenticity and is widely known and trusted.  It is underpinned by a third party accreditation systems so you know the products that carry this symbol are "genuinely Australian".  Thereby when you purchase a Zesta Kitchen from our family you can be confident you are buying from an Australian company who [...]

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What Software Do Kitchen Designers Use?

Have you ever wondered how a professional Kitchen Designer conveys their vision to their client? Obviously, samples and swatches give a sense of the colour scheme, finishes, and overall feel of the final space, but how do they make sure everyone’s on the same page when it comes to the layout? And how can they be sure their clients understand – and are happy with – what working in their new kitchen will be like?   The different design approaches   Each kitchen designer will have their own way of working. Some are ‘old school’ and prefer to hand draw their ideas. Others embrace technology and use specialist software to develop and display their plans. Regardless of their preferred working style, all designers understand the importance of being able to communicate both the idea behind the design and how it will practically function. For those with a more analogue approach, [...]

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Is Going Grey Right For Your Kitchen?

Usually seen as an easy neutral option for bedroom walls and soft furnishings, grey has quickly become one of the most on-trend colours for the kitchen. No longer considered just the ‘safe’ choice, renovators and home builders alike have started to appreciate the flexibility of grey tones and the visual impact they can create. While traditionally associated with minimalist and industrial styles, the cleanness of grey can add a contemporary edge to almost any home. Despite being a cooler colour, it’s the perfect complement to everything from the deepest blue to the most vibrant yellow. And with a wide variety of shades available, there’s a grey tone to suit every taste.   The psychology of grey   To fully appreciate why grey works so well in a kitchen, you first need to understand how people perceive the colour. Despite the association with ill health, bad weather, and uncertainty, the overriding [...]

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What are the 6 types of kitchen layouts?

When designing a kitchen, it’s easy – and usually more fun! – to focus on the fixtures, fittings, and finishes. However, getting the layout right can have the biggest impact on how you will feel about working in your new kitchen. A thoughtful layout will suit the way you and your family live and help you get the most out of the space. It can also make working in the kitchen easier and even prevent injuries.   The basics of good kitchen design   Traditional thinking is that a kitchen should be designed around the ‘work triangle’ – the space between your storage area (fridge), preparation area (cooktop), and cleaning area (sink). This theory has evolved over the last century in response to the changing use of our kitchen. With multiple cooks and using the kitchen as a key focal point for daily life becoming increasingly common, modern kitchen design [...]

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How can I design my own kitchen?

With most of us spending more time at home at the moment, many are turning to the simple pleasures of cooking and baking to keep themselves busy – and sane! But, if you’ve found yourself in the kitchen more often recently, you might be thinking that it’s time for an upgrade. Maybe the extra time in the kitchen has made you painfully aware of the functional issues. Maybe you think it’s worth splashing out on higher-quality finishes if you’re going to be using them more. Or maybe you just want to refresh the look and feel of the space. Whatever your motivation, designing your own kitchen can be even more difficult than usual right now. However, with a little extra thought and careful planning, you should still be able to achieve the result you want, all from the comfort and safety of your own home.   What do I need [...]

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How Much Does it Cost to Have Someone Design a Kitchen?

Renovations might seem exciting at some times and daunting at others, but there’s one way of thinking about your renovation that we find helps. A renovation, especially in a room as important as a kitchen, should be thought of as an investment.  First and foremost, it is an investment in your enjoyment and functionality of your home (if the kitchen you're renovating is in the same house that you live in!).  And second of all, it is an investment in a more traditional financial sense and can add significant value to your home.  Why? Because the kitchen is arguably the first thing a home buyer looks at when they are assessing a home. A bad one can be a deal-breaker while a good one can conjure images of great dinner parties or having family over to celebrate special events.   Design Dilemma So for such an important investment, it might [...]

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What is the Most Popular Colour for a Kitchen?

Colour choices are important for any home, but even more so when you are putting the time and effort into renovating one of the most important rooms in the house: the kitchen. If you’ve ever been to an open home inspection for a house that is thirty or forty years old and has a kitchen that hasn’t been updated recently, you can often be confronted with colour schemes that make you wonder how people could have looked at it every day (brown countertops and lime green tiles anyone?).  So, what are the most popular colours and colour pairings you can use for your kitchen, and why do they work?     White A pure ‘white’ colour palette might seem daunting, but for a fresh, clear ‘Hamptons’ vibe, it’s hard to go past. White is a fantastic base colour to live with and the accents of colour that you choose, whether it’s [...]

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Essendon Kitchen, Butlers Pantry and Laundry Renovation

This stunning home situated in Essendon has been transformed to cleverly hide the previous support beam that was an eyesore for this family. When Mary, Richmond Designer first visited the clients in their home the timber support beam was deemed the main problem in the kitchen space. The clients wanted to know “how do I remove the support beam to create an open plan into adjoining dining and living spaces?” To date no other Kitchen Designer had been able to design anything that worked for the client. This provided a unique challenge for Mary to solve the clients problem in their family kitchen. As seen by opening up the space and aligning cabinetry along the hallway butting straight into the support beam means that the beam can be hidden in the wall so now you don’t even notice it. Further designing a standalone island bench has not only provided additional [...]

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Melbourne Kitchen Renovation

This modern Apartment in Flinders Street, Melbourne was ripe for a Kitchen update when our lovely client moved in. Although practical, the kitchen was dated and lacked flow that the client was searching for especially when entertaining guests. The kitchen layout also made the Apartment feel like it was shut off from the main living area inside the apartment. While the look our client wanted to achieve was open and spacious.                     The client was hoping that a distinct change would make the kitchen and living room feel more integrated. Wanting to bring the older style into a modern-day look which would be carried out throughout the Apartment. When our Richmond Showroom Designer, Mary first visited the Apartment it was clear a small space could achieve an open look if it was designed well.  The design needed to work to open [...]

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