A Realistic Look at How Long It Takes to Build a Kitchen in Melbourne

How long do you think the average Melbourne kitchen installation takes? Two weeks? A month? Installing a Zesta Kitchen in your home typically takes less time than other kitchen renovations. But it’s still important to set realistic expectations of how long your kitchen renovation will take, particularly if you have future plans which may interfere with the process or if you have a certain date you plan on having potential home buyers over to view the property. The first and most important step typically takes the longest, and it’s hard to say exactly how long it will take:   Choosing your perfect kitchen   Time: 2 to 8 weeks This can take months, if not years, if you haven’t seriously been considering a kitchen renovation. If you choose to work with one of our Kitchen Designers, you will need to take into account the time you’ll spend meeting with them [...]

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Kitchen Renovation In East Malvern

Zesta Kitchens were delighted to be part of this Renovation series in conjunction with Norsu Interiors and Realestate.com.au/lifestyle. This East Malvern home was renovated to accommodate a family of four and as you will see it has turned out delightful. The open plan kitchen-living-dining room was so large that it was important to inject some warmth to make it feel like a family home. The colour and finishes were key to get this right. The combination of the Qualia classic white streamlined cabinetry contrasted perfectly with the Laminex Rural Oak overhead cabinets. The front island bench finishes replicate the contract to create the final touch. Topped off with the warmth of the Caesarstone Airy Concrete benchtops creates the luxurious feel. No stone has been unturned! The deep cabinetry with solid Hettich sliders makes sure that storage is covered. The hidden double refrigerator and the wall oven tower to subtly divide [...]

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Renovating Your Kitchen: The Case to Improve Rather Than Move

When spaces start to feel a bit cramped, the question as to whether to “move or improve?” begins to tickle the minds of homeowners. While moving may seem like the “best” solution, the fact remains that you can’t buy a great neighbourhood. Here in Australia, there’s another factor to take into consideration: declining housing prices. Just a couple of years ago the money you may be able to scoop for your property likely won’t come close to what you’d get now, and many homeowners may even be left in a deficit if they sell.   Survey Says: Housing Prices on the Decline A recent National Australia Bank (NAB) survey of 2,000 Australian consumers found that the majority of respondents don’t think that this year is the year to sell their personal or investment property. On average, respondents believed that the price of housing would fall 2.1 per cent over the [...]

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Five Reasons to Visit a Kitchen Showroom

With nearly everything being online these days, it may be tempting to go ahead and book a quote for goods and products through the convenience of a website rather than head out into the real world. When it comes to planning and designing your kitchen, however, if you live in Melbourne, we recommend that you visit a kitchen showroom before making any final decisions. Here’s why:   1. To experience the craftsmanship   Being able to touch and see the cabinetry, benchtops, and other features of your soon-to-be kitchen is important. You want to be able to assess the quality first-hand so you know that you’re getting the best value for your hard earned money. Visiting a showroom gives you the opportunity to feel, view, and engage with your potential new kitchen. You can slide your hand across the benchtops, open and close the cabinet doors, and slide the drawers [...]

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More Things We Wish Our Clients Knew About Kitchen Design

Designing a new kitchen? Roadblocks are common, but knowing a few things before you start will make the planning and building process go a lot more smoothly. In a recent post, we shared some of the things that we wish our clients new about kitchen design, and we know our readers have found them really helpful. So, to take this theme further, here are four more for you to consider:   1. Don’t base your renovation on reality TV shows – they are not real life!   Despite knowing that what we see on television is likely more fake than real, home remodelling shows have homeowners across the globe trusting that what they see and hear on their TV is more fact than fiction. The brutal truth is that these shows are not even close to being realistic, especially when it comes to cost. Keep in mind that many companies [...]

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How Much Should a Kitchen Cost in 2019?

Whether it’s a brand new kitchen or part of a renovation, the kitchen is easily one of the two most exciting rooms to design (the bathroom is the other). What is likely the question at the forefront of every homeowner’s mind before digging into this endeavour, is how much a new kitchen is going to cost. So how much does the average kitchen cost in Australia? Houzz found that in 2017/18 Australians spent an average of between $12,000 and $20,000 for a kitchen renovation. In reality, though, the price of a kitchen renovation in Australia can vary widely. There are several factors that will affect how much you spend on your kitchen, such as: 1. Materials used Choosing higher quality materials means paying more for your kitchen up front. But don’t let that deter you from choosing more durable and attractive materials for your kitchen. Investing in quality materials from [...]

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Five Things We Wish Our Clients Knew about Kitchen Design

Designing a kitchen is something most homeowners only do maybe once or twice in their lives. Because of this lack of knowledge and experience, there are a lot of mistakes they may make when planning their new kitchen. It’s a brand new year, and our Zesta Kitchens team wants you to have the most fabulous kitchen possible in 2019 and beyond. To help achieve this, here are five things we want to share about kitchen design before you start investing in the process:   Understand what size you want your appliances to be   A functional kitchen is one that benefits with all of the appliances you could ever need to prepare snacks and meals for yourself, your loved ones and your guests over the next several years. To that end, it’s good to know what appliances you want in your new kitchen. Whether this is a sleek, smooth style [...]

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Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

The kitchen has come a long way over the past century. Once hidden and set towards the back of the house, today’s kitchens are gleaming gems, sitting front and centre in the home. It should come as no surprise to property owners that the majority of kitchen trends this year have everything to do with looks while still taking functionality into account. Let’s start with the first leading trend on our list:   Kitchen colour: bright and white   The sense of freshness and cleanliness white brings to a kitchen is the leading reason why white kitchens will continue to dominate kitchen colour schemes. Don’t like the idea of an all-white kitchen? Another top trend in kitchen colours is incorporating pops of colour throughout the space (like on splashback motifs, accessories, and accent walls). Expect to see lots of rich, creamy colours, dark blues, and green tones like olive this [...]

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Surviving a kitchen renovation: How to live through it

One project on every homeowner’s wish list is a kitchen renovation. The problem: surviving one. From sometimes weeks without full access to your appliances and food prep space, to endless dust and noise, kitchen renovations are not for the faint of heart. But if you’re looking to take your kitchen from dreary to dreamy, these five tips are sure to come in handy when you’re trudging through those kitchen reno trenches. Tip #1: Create a temporary kitchen   Rather than packing away the pots, pans, and plates, create a makeshift kitchen in another part of the home (preferably away from where the action is taking place). Grab a friend to help you move the essentials, like your: Coffee machine and kettle Slow cooker Microwave Toaster/toaster oven Electric frypan If you have a refrigerator, consider moving it or invest in an inexpensive small fridge in the meantime. You can also use [...]

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Patterson Lakes Kitchen Renovation

The client came to Zesta Kitchens Cheltenham with a need for more space for their modern Patterson Lakes home.  Wanting a durable, practical yet luxurious kitchen.  Although the old kitchen was practical, it was up to Andreas, the Designer to provide the client with more space using materials that would create an open bright environment. Using our world-class 3D Design software the client was able to visualise her space in real life to ensure it would work for her - an integral part of our kitchen design process.  We're sure you'll agree that the kitchen now looks open and inviting, taking advantage of the natural light pouring into the kitchen almost bouncing off the gloss white cabinetry beautifully.  This light further captured in the stunning subway tiles in the kitchen splash back. With storage being a key, the Designer has created an array of drawers, cabinets and pantry to make the [...]

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