Our Favourite Kitchen Renovations

For the Zesta Kitchens team, nothing is more rewarding than helping homeowners create their dream kitchen. Whether they have major functional issues to address or just want to embrace the latest style, we love to help. We also take great pride in the results we achieve and our ability to deliver beautiful kitchen spaces. In this spirit, we wanted to share some of our favourite kitchen renovations. This selection of projects shows the variety of designs we can deliver and problems we can help solve. It also highlights the level of service and quality of finish you can expect when you work with Zesta Kitchens. Overcoming structural issues in Essendon Part of a beautiful period home, this kitchen was generous but dated. An intrusive support beam also acted as a major barrier between the kitchen and surrounding living spaces. The homeowners had consulted several kitchen experts about removing the beam, Read More

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Kitchen Design Trends 2022

It may be hard to believe, but the end of the year is upon us, and 2022 is right around the corner. This has got us thinking about what lies ahead and, in particular, the kitchen designs we’ll see over the coming year. Here we share our thoughts on this and what we believe will be hot in the kitchen in 2022. Kitchen colours that comfort and energise You can’t talk about design trends without touching on the season’s hottest colours. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a move away from stark neutrals and towards warmer, richer, more natural tones. We believe this trend will continue in 2022, further evolving to incorporate some new, fun shades. Specifically, we’re expecting to see a lot more tones of green, ranging from mint to emerald. We also expect creams, sandy whites, and light browns to continue to grow in popularity. And for Read More

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New Kitchen For Christmas?

Are you dreaming of cooking in your new kitchen this Christmas? Then now is the time to Act. Our Melbourne production is filling super fast. This means if you are hoping to have a new kitchen installed and completed by Christmas you need to act now! Our Designers are working remotely designing client's kitchens to suit their needs and lifestyle. A Zoom or virtual consult to discuss your needs and design can easily take place during this time. During the consult the Zesta Kitchens experienced Designer will discuss your current space and what you are hoping to achieve in your future space. The Designer will analyse any existing problem you may have with your space. They will discuss the best solution according to the size of your family, the shape of your space, the style that best suits your home, colours, finishes, storage and so much more. Best of all Read More

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How to design a Two-Tone Kitchen Look

After years of all-white schemes being the norm, we’re seeing colour return to new kitchen designs. As part of this, two-tone cabinets have become a particularly popular feature, breathing new life into more traditional designs. But planning this look takes a detailed touch, and there are a few tricks to getting it just right. Why choose two-tone? As the name suggests, this look uses cabinets or materials of two different colours. These can be highly contrasting colours (like navy and white) or similar complementary shades (like warm white and taupe). When done well, this creates a timeless look that is rich and elegant while still seeming clean and crisp. There are many reasons to choose a two-tone kitchen, including: It creates unique interest: Even the plainest kitchen space can be livened up with two-tone cabinets. Whether you choose contrasting or complementary colours, it will add depth and enhance the look Read More

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A Guide to Saving on Your Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation can be quite an expensive exercise. There’s the cost of the new materials, the trades to install them, and potentially even new appliances. All of this adds up quickly. With that in mind, it’s only reasonable to look for potential savings. Keeping the cost down could allow you to think bigger – or possibly even undertake any work at all. And really, why should you spend more than you actually need to? The good news is, savings don’t have to come at the cost of look, feel, or finish. With a little careful planning, you can create the beautiful kitchen you want for the price you need. You just need to know what to focus your spending on. Here we look at some of the best ways to save while renovating your kitchen without compromising the final product! Set a realistic budget – and stick to it! Read More

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