The Entertainer’s Kitchen

Every homeowner dreams of having an entertainer’s kitchen, offering the perfect space to host friends and family for dinner, drinks, and get-togethers, while you get to cook and serve your guests. This large and inviting style of kitchen comes with quite a lot of planning. There’s a lot more to it than you might think. From the initial gathering ideas phase to design stages and selecting the right appliances and setup of your new kitchen, all of these pieces must work together to create the ultimate entertainer’s space. Here are a few things you’ll need to consider to make sure your kitchen work in your home, and why an experienced kitchen designer might be the best person to help you achieve it. The Design Process An entertainer’s kitchen is unique because it creates somewhere to cook and socialise at the same time. The design process needs to reflect this. There [...]

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Step by Step Guide to a Kitchen Renovation that works!

Ask anyone who’s attempted to do home renovations, and they’ll tell you it’s up there with some of the most stressful experiences they’ve ever had. Although it can be a very busy and hectic time, a lot of this stress comes from a lack of planning and not having a clear budget or process in place. We’re here to show you some simple steps you can follow to make your kitchen renovation dreams come true with minimal fuss so that you find the experience as enjoyable as possible. Step 1: Planning and Budget Before you can get started with mood boards or looking at paint samples, you need a solid plan in place. Take a good look at your kitchen and think about what it is you want to update or modernise, and put these in order of most urgent to least. It might even help to get in and [...]

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5 Tips For A Well-Organised Pantry

We’ve all seen the pictures of the super organised pantry full of delightful spices, and ingredients we could only ever dream of pronouncing, and probably thought it was way out of our league. However, there are many great kitchen design innovators today who are willing to share their tips for a super organised pantry with plenty of ideas you can steal for yourself at home. Tip 1: Get Out of the Pantry Sure, the pantry is a great place to store everything out of sight, but when you think of the real essentials that you use every day while cooking, wouldn’t it make sense to keep them close? You can use a small tray, slab, or platter by the stove that has salt, pepper, oil, and common spices on it that clears up space in the pantry and gives some personality to your benchtop. Tip 2: Use A Shelf For [...]

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Three Ways to Get More Out of Your Kitchen Island

It’s a design feature that can add value to any home, so every home should have one. But what else can a kitchen island do besides look great? Well, when installed and designed correctly, a kitchen island, when designed well, can have more uses than you might think. Traditionally, the kitchen island was used as a way to create more bench space for meal preparation and cooking, but it was soon obvious that it has far more practical uses. Here are a few ideas we’ve found to get the most out of your kitchen island. Storage in Your Kitchen Island If you have a home that’s low on space or find your kitchen pantry always seems to be overflowing, the kitchen island can provide a handy solution. Rather than focus on what you get out of the benchtop, take a look underneath for possible storage options. If your current kitchen [...]

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How Do I Stick to A Budget When Renovating?

Renovating your home is kind of like planning a wedding. You start out with a few small ideas and seem pretty impressed with the low budget you have in mind. Suddenly, things begin to get out of hand as you come across new ideas and inspiration, and before you know it you’ve blown your budget to pieces trying to achieve your dream ceremony. So, how do we avoid the real possibility of getting ahead of ourselves and planning for renovations that we simply can’t afford? We’ve found a few helpful tips that will ensure you stick to the budget and achieve all of the renovations you had hoped for. Create A Plan Before you even set off on your renovation journey, take some time to create a detailed plan about what exactly you want to do and what you to spend. Take your time organising quotes from professionals, be realistic [...]

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Gloss vs Matte – The Pros and Cons

When it comes to renovating your kitchen or designing an entirely new one, you probably don’t give much thought to the finish your cabinets and benchtops might need until way down the line. However, this one seemingly minor design feature can have a significant impact on your space, so you need to know what each of them offers and the styles of home that they suit best. Before deciding on a finish, there are many other considerations to make. What type of flooring do you have at home? What colour are your walls painted? Which appliances are in the kitchen and will they suit? Do you want a modern or traditional look? These all have to work together to form a cohesive style, so there’s more to consider than you might first realise. High Gloss Finish These modern looking cabinets help to reflect the light in the room, effectively making [...]

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4 Ways to Get the Contemporary Hamptons Look for Your Kitchen

It’s an all-time favourite style. The Hamptons kitchen is loved for its beachy, relaxed holiday home vibe. And it is refined and elegant at the same time. It’s been reinvented over the years – from the traditional kitchen 20 years ago to the sleeker contemporary look of today. In this post, we will show you how to get the look of a high-end, contemporary kitchen for a mid-range budget. The key to the contemporary Hampton is to stick to some of the principles of the style, but pare back the embellishments. Here is Josh and Elyse’s Kitchen from the Block. What defines a Hamptons kitchen? Large, airy and drowning in natural light. The kitchen cabinetry has a distinctive joinery trim on the door.  But before we get into the detail of how to get the look – Is a Hamptons style home the right choice for your kitchen?   Here [...]

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Why Has the White Kitchen Outlasted Every Trend?

The white kitchen has been a perennial favourite. Loved for the fresh, clean and light vibe it brings, at Zesta we’ve sold more white kitchens than any other colour. Even now when shows like ‘The Block’ are all about dark kitchens or layered kitchens with warmth, white remains the largest selling kitchen.  Why? Especially when it is perceived by some as cold, clinical and boring? And those that choose it are simply playing safe with a timeless, classic, tried and tested option? To the contrary. White is popular because it is versatile. It has adapted to the style of the day – whatever that may be – cool and minimalist, or warm and unique. Not sure what we are talking about? We’ll show you some white kitchens we’ve done recently. And far from being boring old white kitchens – each one is unique. The white kitchen is versatile This is [...]

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Three Ways to Design a Kitchen that Matches your Lifestyle

Rumour has it that the famous French architect Le Corbusier asked to live with his clients for a week before he designed their home. Where the family members gathered, how much time they spent in common areas and how they ate their meals -  all influenced his design. The words ‘kitchen design’ and lifestyle are thrown together a lot. And while lifestyle is the cornerstone around which a kitchen should be built, it takes a lot of thinking and planning to design one that’s a perfect fit. Here are 3 areas to focus on. The setting or orientation Before you set out to buy a new kitchen think about its connection to your lifestyle. Here are some questions to ask: How much time do you spend in the kitchen? Do the children spend time in the kitchen while you are cooking/cleaning? What does the kitchen overlook? Is the current kitchen [...]

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