Tiled versus Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Once used solely as a way to protect your walls and fixtures, the kitchen splashback has transformed into a statement piece, turning this once-utilitarian panel item into great way for you to reflect your style and taste through design. There are a lot of kitchen splashbacks on the market today, including stone, stainless steel, and acrylic, but the two top choices for Australian homeowners continue to be tile and glass. Not sure which one to pick? Let’s start by taking a look at the more traditional choice: tile. What you need to know about tiled kitchen splashbacks Tile splashbacks are a classic. Although their popularity faded for a bit, they are back – and in a big way. A large reason behind this surge in demand is the colour and texture options now available to homeowners. There are different patterns and even statement tiles that you can incorporate into your [...]

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Before and After Kitchen Renovation – Richmond Apartment

One of our recent Zesta Kitchens Kitchen Renovations was this sophisticated apartment in the heart of Richmond created for Shannon and Chris Tremain.  Chris currently plays cricket for Australia and is often travelling with the Victorian Cricket Team so Shannon set about creating her dream space.  The need for a kitchen that had increased functionality and better utilisation of storage was key.  This turned out to be a true testament to a well designed kitchen that is now fully functional, soft and inviting. As seen in the photographs below, the previous layout lacked the integration of the dining and living space adjoining. It was imperative that the new design allow room for ease of movement and create a natural flow with additional bench and storage space. Before Kitchen Renovation Before Kitchen Renovation The Tremain's brief [...]

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Rookie Kitchen Design Flaws As Seen on The Block

Whether you appreciate friendly competition or are in search of home renovation inspiration, you have likely flicked over to the Nine Network and watched one of Australia’s top reality television shows, “The Block”. There was a lot to be learnt on season 14’s episode 25. Not only did the judges hand out the first ever perfect score on the show, but there was a lot of insight about how to design a kitchen the right way and what you should never do, like this first recurring mistake: Where’s the waste bin? If there’s one spot everyone knows to toss their garbage, it’s by the kitchen sink. However not one, but two kitchens on the show were missing a waste bin by the sink. This is a huge inconvenience for everyone. Whether hidden away behind cabinetry or set by the sink, when you’re buzzing around the kitchen preparing snacks and meals [...]

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Kitchen Drawers Versus Cupboards: Pros and Cons

Walk into the typical Australian kitchen, and you’ll find cupboards on the top and another row of deeper cupboards with a drawer or two below. But as you may have noticed while exploring your kitchen options, more homeowners are choosing drawers over cupboards – especially when it comes to below-the-waist storage. Should you install drawers instead of cupboards? Or are cupboards the better choice? The team here at Zesta Kitchens wants to make sure you design the best kitchen for your lifestyle, which is why we’ve put together this post laying out the pros and cons of kitchen drawers and kitchen cupboards. The classic kitchen cupboard The kitchen cupboard is a piece of furniture outfitted with shelving designed to hold a variety of items like cups, dishes, and cookware. Pro: Easier to organise Kitchen cupboards offer loads of shelving for a variety of items like plates, bowls, water glasses and [...]

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How to Pick The Perfect Kitchen Island Bench

It’s been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and the heart of the kitchen is the kitchen island bench, for those fortunate enough to have one. When carefully selected, your kitchen island bench will be the perfect blend of good design and functionality. But not just any bench will do. Before deciding on the right kitchen island bench for your space, here’s what you need to know: 1. Space matters Space around the kitchen island bench is one of the most important consideration when designing the perfect kitchen island bench. You don’t want a kitchen island bench that everyone can’t move around or that is too small for your needs. The bench space needs to be practical and allow enough space for you to stand to prepare snacks and meals as well as store items. Best recommendations from designers suggest that your bench should have around [...]

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Six Top Laundry Design Tips

Did you know that the average family sorts, washes, dries, folds and irons up to ten loads of laundry every week? That’s a whole lot of time spent in the laundry room! In fact, most families spend four or more hours doing laundry each week. A well-designed and thoughtfully planned out laundry room can increase the functionality of your room as well as make this space a lot more enjoyable. Below are our six tips on how you can create a great looking and efficient laundry room for your home. 1. Plan how the washer and dryer will be mounted Don’t have enough room to stack the washer and dryer side-by-side? Consider going vertical. If that’s not an option, you can always mount the washer and dryer off of the floor to save yourself from having to bend to load and unload laundry. 2. Give the room some personality Make [...]

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Just imagine a kitchen of your dreams!

To realistically imagine your new kitchen space on the internet there are many options.  Photographs of completed kitchens is a great start to your dream kitchen. The following kitchens have been photographed in Zesta Kitchens customer’s homes and represent true examples of the multitude of colours, materials, finishes, quality and accessories.  They also display all types of planning configurations for creating custom solutions for individual homes around Melbourne. Kew, Melbourne The kitchen in this Kew Home displays the highest quality both in cabinetry and benchtops using superior gloss finish.  The cabinets are a delight to touch and all UV resistant as well as environmentally friendly.  Here the cabinetry at the end has handles whilst the cabinetry in the main part of the kitchen is easy push to open.  The addition of YDL Silver Star white benchtops and the wow factor of the lime green splashback creates a unique kitchen perfect for this family [...]

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Windsor Melbourne Apartment and How To Overcome Space Restrictions

Sometimes the best inspiration for apartment kitchens can come from seeing how others have been successful at achieving the kitchen of their dreams. We’re certain this beautiful new apartment kitchen in Windsor will give you the inspiration you need to get your own creative juices flowing. Using our Kensington kitchen design, these residents have managed to get the most out of their apartment space and create something modern and simple in design. One of the more popular designs we have, Kensington it truly represents the quintessential Melbourne apartment, whether you have a new or old style within. The Kitchen’s Layout The Kensington kitchen is a traditional shaker style kitchen, and it’s versatile enough to suit just about any home or décor. With white cupboards and a chance to use any handles you like, you can adapt the style to match your preferences and taste precisely, and it creates a space [...]

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Inspiration From Kitchens Around Melbourne

Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine a kitchen that suits your lifestyle, so we look to others who have been before us for inspiration. Melbourne is a city known for its impeccable style, and it’s something that our residents seem to have plenty of when designing a kitchen of their dreams. If you’ve been looking for inspiration on how to design your kitchen or just like to see how others have made their spaces work for them, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up some of our best customer kitchen transformations so you can see what made them a success and how we were able to use their space effectively. These homes represent the quintessential Melbourne style with a mix of modern and classic looks, and we’re glad that we were able to help our customers achieve the kitchens of their dreams. See how they chose a design that [...]

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U-Turn Kitchen Design Pros and Cons

The layout of your kitchen plays a key role in how you will cook, socialise, and entertain in your home. The “U-turn kitchen” is a popular Melbourne kitchen design – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the right layout for your home. What is a U-turn kitchen? As the name suggests, the U-turn kitchen features a “U” shape, typically with one shorter wall or cabinet section and two longer walls or cabinet segments which may be of equal or different shapes extending from it. This classic Melbourne kitchen design can work in both large open concept spaces and more narrow residences like townhomes and apartments. When a U-turn kitchen makes sense The U-turn kitchen design is often referred to as being a cook’s “dream kitchen”, and for a good reason: There is plenty of bench space for food preparation and bench top storage The “U” shape offers maximum [...]

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