Moving vs Renovating in a Rising Housing Market

Is your home beginning to feel a little tight? If you’re like many, the idea of shopping around for a larger home is the initial response. But what if we were to tell you that it may not be the best decision for you and your family? Year after year, housing prices continue to rise across all of Australia. While this may have you seeing dollar signs when thinking about selling your own home, consider the fact that purchasing a new home could also cost you more and may result in you losing money in the end. But then there’s the planning and the mess that traditionally comes with renovations. Unusable spaces, dust, and strangers in the home are all reasons why people forego renovating their home, especially in high traffic areas like the kitchen. In this post, we’re going to explore when it’s a good time to shop for [...]

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Kitchen Finishes: A Look at Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

In the past, laminate cabinetry has had a bad reputation, and with good reason: it used to be an inferior product. But today’s modern laminate kitchen cabinets are one of the best options for modern kitchens due to their durability.   They’re arguably even more sleek and stylish than wooden cabinetry, providing homeowners with countless options in terms of colour, style, and design. This type of cabinetry is constructed using a man-made synthetic film of material that is bonded to the outer surface of the cabinet door. From gloss and low gloss to matte, homeowners have a plethora of options, making it possible for you to build the kitchen you have always dreamed of.   An Attractive Option for Your Space Wood cabinets are the first consideration for many because wood is a timeless go-to. Innovative designs have led to a number of developments for laminated cabinetry, however, with many cabinet [...]

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Kitchen Renovation Taylors Hill

The existing kitchen in this Taylors Hill home was outdated.  The family wanted a kitchen renovation that would modernise their home adding a touch of luxury. The kitchen lacked bench prep space and the clients disliked the angled cabinetry leading to the adjoining lounge area. The clients have many grandchildren and they wanted space where they could sit at the island bench while grandma cooked in the kitchen. During discussions with Mary, Kitchen Designer from Richmond the brief was agreed. Increase the island bench and add extra cabinetry to create a classic u-shaped kitchen. This would provide better functionality and form to the kitchen space. The key to this design is the larger island bench increasing not only bench space but also additional cabinetry in front of the island bench. The overhang of the benchtop creates form and perfect to pop the breakfast bar stools for the grandkids. The tall [...]

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Coburg Kitchen Renovation

This period home in the heart of Coburg was ready for a Kitchen update. Originally, the kitchen was closed off from the neighbouring dining space and blocked off by a solid wall. Following discussions on what the clients wanted to achieve, it was clear the wall needed to be removed. This would not only improve the flow when entering and exiting the kitchen space but also make it easier to serve meals to the neighbouring dining area. The idea of creating a larger open space between kitchen and dining/living areas was exciting although daunting for the clients. The solution was simple. Remove the wall, create an open plan kitchen with a free-standing island bench to increase flow and provide additional storage. The designer, Mary Maksemos from the Richmond Showroom set to design a Hampton style kitchen that would match the style of this period home perfectly. The client organised for [...]

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Why we support Alkira

The Walker family who run Zesta Kitchens has a special place in their hearts for Alkira. Ron and Helen Walker first moved to Melbourne from Cobram in 1967 because their 15-month-old daughter Ruth was diagnosed with an intellectual disability. Ruth (now 53) needed specialist physiotherapy at the Royal Children’s Hospital. The physio, of course, was first-rate in Melbourne and the treatment and support then enabled Ruth to walk by the time she was three years of age. With a growing family and the pressures involved temporary relief was needed for the family. It was Ruth’s Specialist at the Children’s Hospital who recommended Alkira in Box Hill. At the time living in Lower Templestowe, this was a very close option. Alkira was originally formed by a small group of parents back in 1954. “Alkira was born out of a vision of providing pre-school and schooling opportunities for their children who were [...]

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Why White Kitchens Are Still the Most Popular Colour

Kitchen colour trends come and go, but the white kitchen always reigns supreme. From the floors to drawers and upper cabinetry, white continues to enjoy top ranking as being the most preferred overall colour for a kitchen in Melbourne. White adds brightness to your space No other colour will reflect light as well as white. This is often why you find white cabinetry, splashbacks and benchtops in kitchens. White gives kitchens that “clean” feel White is the colour of cleanliness. Having a glowing white kitchen instantly gives it that squeaky clean feel, which is exactly the type of environment you want to prepare and cook meals in. White kitchens make spaces feel larger Because the colour reflects light so well, even the tiniest of kitchens can feel substantially larger just by having white play a role in its colour scheme. White is a “positive” colour According to colour therapists, white [...]

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Just imagine a kitchen of your dreams!

To realistically imagine your new kitchen space on the internet there are many options.  Photographs of completed kitchens is a great start to your dream kitchen. The following kitchens have been photographed in Zesta Kitchens customer’s homes and represent true examples of the multitude of colours, materials, finishes, quality and accessories.  They also display all types of planning configurations for creating custom solutions for individual homes around Melbourne. Kew, Melbourne The kitchen in this Kew Home displays the highest quality both in cabinetry and benchtops using superior gloss finish.  The cabinets are a delight to touch and all UV resistant as well as environmentally friendly.  Here the cabinetry at the end has handles whilst the cabinetry in the main part of the kitchen is easy push to open.  The addition of YDL Silver Star white benchtops and the wow factor of the lime green splashback creates a unique kitchen perfect for this family [...]

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Zesta Kitchens Richmond Showroom Opening

Zesta Kitchens held a recent opening night to launch their newly designed Richmond Showroom.  This night brought together world class kitchen products and suppliers. A wonderful night shared with Kitchen Designers, kitchen suppliers, stonemasons, appliance suppliers and hardware suppliers, wining and dining together.   The new Richmond Kitchen Showroom displays state of the art products such as Egger, Caesarstone, Kleenmaid and Studio Solari Appliances and Hettich and Titus Tekform kitchen hardware.  Definitely worth a visit! Zesta Kitchens would like to thank all who attended to make this a special event in a wonderful night of celebration. We hope you all enjoyed the night!

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Ex-Display Kitchens

Ex-Display Kitchens for Sale in Melbourne Zesta Kitchens Cheltenham is relocating.  This is great news for anyone wanting to grab a bargain.  Never used kitchens like brand new now for sale.  There are 14 beautiful, quality ex-display Kitchens For Sale at drastically reduced prices.  You will want to hurry to grab one of these bargains - once they are gone they are gone! PLEASE NOTE:  BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN REMOVAL AND DELIVERY FROM THE CHELTENHAM SHOWROOM ALL EX DISPLAY KITCHENS NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM 309 WARRIGAL ROAD, CHELTENHAM. VIEWING BY APPOINTMENT ONLY EMAIL ANDREAS@ZESTAKITCHENS.COM.AU OR TELEPHONE 9584 4491 FOR AN APPOINTMENT TO VIEW.   See our other Showrooms in Melbourne displaying all new products on sale to the public.

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