If your home is like many others in Australia, it was built anywhere from 20 to 40 years ago – and the kitchen is likely to be just as old as the home. But does that necessarily mean that you need to renovate that space?

Here are five surefire signs your kitchen is crying out for an update, starting with the first:


  1. You hate it and hate using it


If your kitchen is falling apart, ugly, or so outdated you can’t stand setting foot in it, it’s time for a renovation. While your friends love you for who you are, you still find the room so embarrassing that you feel uncomfortable bringing your most trusted friend or family member into the space.


  1. There isn’t enough room


You know you don’t have enough space in your kitchen if:

  • Your cabinets are packed and kitchen items are being stored in other areas
  • You’re constantly fighting for benchtop space
  • You can’t turn around without bumping into something

A renovation can solve all of these common kitchen woes. Larger and deeper cabinetry can be built, and an updated and smarter layout can make your space more functional and safer.


  1. Your appliances are gobbling up electricity


Appliances have become significantly more energy efficient over recent years. If you have older appliances, chances are you’re losing money every month just to keep them running.

The initial cost for new appliances will be greater than the energy you’re paying to maintain your older ones. But over time, that new refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove will pay for themselves, especially if you choose quality appliances that will stand the test of time. You can stop by any one of our three Zesta Kitchen showrooms to check out the latest appliances from brands like IAG and Kleenmaid.


  1. Your kitchen doesn’t cater to your lifestyle


Older homes tend to have smaller and more confined kitchen spaces. If you love to cook and entertain (or if someone else in the home enjoys preparing meals with you), then it’s likely that your tiny kitchen just isn’t cutting it.

A kitchen renovation can open up space and help you optimise every square metre available. You’ll have more room to cook, and you can create entertainment areas (like a bar or an island) that will encourage friends and family to hang out.


  1. The value of your home is suffering


You may find your kitchen’s quirks charming, but there’s a good chance a potential buyer won’t be so keen. Having an outdated kitchen can drag down the sale price of your home, and it can make your property less competitive on the market.

If you’re interested in renovating your kitchen for financial reasons, it’s a good idea to speak to a trusted Kitchen Designer about your kitchen renovation plans. While a costly kitchen renovation may cost more than the kitchen itself is worth, an inexpensive update can save you money down the road.

Here at Zesta Kitchens, we offer free in-home kitchen designs when you are ready for your Kitchen Renovation.  There are so many options but with a talented Melbourne Kitchen Designer, it is easy. Our years of combined experience means that we can give you the best advice when it comes to choosing the right fixtures, fittings, appliances and accessories for your kitchen that are affordable and can increase your home’s value.

We will walk you through all of your design and product options including energy-efficient appliances, modern benchtops, drawer systems, and more.

We invite you to start planning your dream kitchen now by booking your in-home kitchen design with our Zesta Kitchens professionals.