Gloss vs. Matte: The Battle for Melbourne Kitchens Pt. I

In the battle for kitchen supremacy, each decision-maker will do so independently, and such comparisons are very subjective. What works for one homeowner won’t work for another, and vice versa. There are many issues surrounding modern kitchen instalments than the decision between gloss and matte finishes.

In short, gloss provides that gleaming, reflective quality to your Melbourne kitchen, while matte finishes absorb more light. Each have their adherents, their advantages and each suits a given style more closely. At Zesta Kitchens, we offer a variety of styles in both gloss and matte, but we felt we should provide the benefits of each.


The shine of the gloss best suits a Melbourne kitchen that places an emphasis on an ostentatious presentation. These kitchens are not shrinking violets – they are out there, and demand attention.

Apart from their obvious presentation qualities, gloss finish kitchens are typically brighter. The finish reflects more of the available light, ensuring that your windows are maximised in their lighting power, and that your cooking space is well-illuminated from within and without – sparkling in fact!

The streamlined and handless cabinets are very popular among this group. Imperfections and dirt tend to collect around the handles on cabinets so the trend is towards handless, however it needs to be remembered this is one of the important differences that fingerprints are far more obvious on these surfaces than on matte finishes.

Whilst matte finishes may tend to pale in comparison there is an ease of cleaning that does not come with the shiny cabinets that require cleaning. The gloss smooth surfacing can simply be wiped off, quickly and easily but does require maintenance, ensuring that these cabinets and surfaces are bright and clean at all times, with only a little soapy water!

Next week, we’ll detail the matte finished kitchen trend.


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