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Zesta Kitchens Handleless Style

For those wanting “handless kitchens” there are many options to create streamline handle solutions for your kitchen.

The handleless door will create a perfect sleek look for your kitchen renovation. With the production done in-house in Melbourne Zesta Kitchens is able to supply this recessed cabinet and insert to meet your needs. An Aluminium channel is created to allow easy access when opening drawers and base doors.

Zesta Kitchens Handleless Kitchen

Overhead cabinets and pantry doors will be offered with either an overhang or push to open option due to manufacturing required.  As seen above handles would need to be applied to cabinets like pantry units because there is no quality manufacturing solution at this point in time.

Full detailing and pricing will be communicated at the design appointment. An average size kitchen costs around an extra $800 for this handleless option.

These solutions are currently available through Zesta Kitchens Viva style, Qualia gloss and all super matte flat panel door styles offering an abundance of choice.

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