Super Gloss Kitchen

Qualia Senosan Antique White And Dark Metalic Grey

Looking to make a sensational statement with your Kitchen Renovation? Zesta Kitchens is proud to present its latest edition from Europe, the Qualia Kitchen made from the finest gloss surface material known to man – Senosan.

The unique depth of colour as seen in this kitchen in Cheltenham displays the gloss level offered in a Qualia Kitchen which we are sure you will agree is an unparalleled visual experience. The surface is smooth and warm to touch. The stunning appearance may be compared to that of an exotic piano finish kitchen.


  • Super high gloss surface
  • Mirror finish
  • UV resistant and stable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 6 popular colours
  • Colour matched edge
  • Optional 3D edge in white


The Qualia Kitchen surface is made from Senosan only available at Zesta – Senosan finish Care & Cleaning Senosan surfaces are protected during processing and fitting by a self-adhesive PE protective film which is only removed at the completion of installation. After removal of the PE protective film the Senosan surface is still scratch sensitive. The reason for this is that there is still a presence of solvent from the adhesive coating of the protective film on the surface which must first escape. It has also been proven that the high gloss surface itself is ‘hygroscopic’, which means the high gloss surface cures-out further under the influence of normal air humidity. Curing of Senosan panels after the protective film is removed, can take up to one week or longer. In order to speed up this process we recommend cleaning of the surface with a solution of water and liquid soap (1 % liquid soap) and a soft cloth. To increase resistance to wiping and scratch traces, the surface should be treated with a recommended polishing agent such as ULTRA-GLOSS® Superpolish – 250ml supplied with your kitchen. The product cures-out to a very hard finish and is ecologically harmless. Surface sealing should be repeated when the polish has worn off which is normally the case after approx. 12 months. Please Note Optically and regarding gloss level, the high gloss panels can be compared with a piano gloss surface. The treatment and cleaning of such excellent surfaces should be accordingly adhered to.

No scouring or abrasive cleaning materials should be used as these would damage the brilliant gloss surface and under no circumstances should cleaning materials with an alcohol content (often found in glass cleaners) be used.

  • No Alcohol based cleansers
  • No Glass cleaners
  • No Acetone
  • No paraffin, petrol, pinewood or oils.

If in doubt best to contact Zesta Kitchens direct.  The following are the available colours:

Qualia Sensosan Colours

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