Should I use a major Kitchen retailer or a smaller cabinet maker?

The question arises with many kitchen customers. Should I use a kitchen company or a small cabinet maker? Is it quicker and easier to use a major kitchen company, and what can they give me when it comes to kitchen design ideas?

There are many benefits with a kitchen company – to start with they have a showroom to visit, displaying their kitchen range to view and feel the product to your likes. Secondly, staff are experienced with all product knowledge and experienced design consultants visit your home to design a 3D kitchen plan showing real life kitchens. Kitchen designs are easier to envisage with the resources available to a kitchen company.

Zesta Kitchens have a supply of kitchen products ready to go and as they can order in large quantities due to their size they can keep the prices down. Kitchen companies are up to-date with the latest products and fashion, even traveling overseas to Europe, to see what is happening there when it comes to new kitchen designs. They then bring this knowledge back to compliment their kitchen designer skills in Melbourne.

In addition, Zesta has over 35 years experience in the making of kitchens and kitchen design. The kitchens are guaranteed, with the staff having quick access to their local factory. All designer kitchens are completed in a few days, therefore no inconvenience to your home. The tradesmen are in and out in no time and because there are many people involved you are not relying on the one person like a cabinet maker to get the job done. Each person is experienced in their field and should a worker fall ill or not be able to work, they have other experienced tradesmen ready to go. How many stories have you heard, tradesmen (cabinet maker) is sick and can’t come back for a few weeks, well this leaves you with an incomplete kitchen and in an absolute mess – something you can avoid. A final point is the delivery, Zesta have professional delivery people, who take special care with the kitchen and your home, not the kitchen on the back of a ute possibly causing damage. So why not come into the closest beautiful Zesta Kitchen showroom for free information and to see what your very own designer kitchen could look like.