The Continuing Appeal of the Traditional Kitchen for Melbourne

The traditional kitchen in Melbourne is a trend in design that has held its ground for nearly two centuries. The popularity of this design is one that brings to mind memories of a simpler time for many Australians, perhaps thoughts of their parent or grandparents, ensconced in the warm confines of their childhood home.

But it isn’t only the strength of nostalgia that explains the popularity of this kitchen: there are many benefits to laying out your kitchen in this style. The unique multi-shelved styling, and mix of finishes allows for a great deal of customisation and adornment to occur within the kitchen and benchtops, and suitable appliances are now available to fill the gaps – including vintage stoves and refrigerators. These kitchens are easily altered and suit the kitchen enthusiast, or anyone who prefers to put a personal touch on to their home.

Melbourne’s traditional kitchens have always appealed to those who appreciate classical nostalgia, and recently, this building trend has appeared in several growth areas. Builders in all areas of Melbourne have seen their traditional homes renovated in ways that reach out to their historical roots whilst still bringing in the modern trend. Our new adaptations of these kitchens can be suited to any size home with a range of space to suit any customer’s home.

If your kitchen is in need of a revival, Zesta Kitchens can take care of you, regardless of the era that you would prefer. Check out our fantastic styles of traditional kitchens, and we can make it happen for you.


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