The Revival of Kitchens in Black Rock

The picturesque suburb of Black Rock, to the southeast of Melbourne’s CBD, has long been a suburb that takes pride in its homes.

Even by the standards of Australian’s housing market, this classic suburb is in high demand, and it is easy to see why – the architecture here is outstandingly pretty, with many colonial and Victorian homes adjoining the leafy streets, feeling the breeze from nearby Port Phillips Bay. Many of the kitchens in Black Rock exhibit state of the art quality in alignment with the style of home. Owing to their longevity of this suburb, many of the homes interiors are well are overdue for an update.

New residents of Black Rock are one reason why a trend in kitchen renovations has taken off. As the suburb moves upmarket, many new arrivals are seeking a kitchen with more storage and space. Stone benchtops, stainless steel appliances, and a new layout are all high on this list, and are frequent requests.

Some seek to save space in their kitchen by cutting down the clutter with a modern kitchen design. Others prefer to preserve the classical style within their home by extenuating it, while adding elements of modern kitchens that they find attractive or practical. At Zesta Kitchens, we seldom get the same request twice in Black Rock, and it keeps us on our toes.

As with most suburbs and areas in Melbourne and the surrounding area, Black Rock will continue to grow in renovations. For any and all of your kitchen renovation needs here, Zesta Kitchens stands ready to help you meet your goals.


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