Kitchen Designs and Renovations for Melbourne: The U Turn

One of the most common kitchens around, the U-shape kitchen design can be found in most homes in Melbourne. Either fit in to the three walls of a standalone room, or using a peninsula bench to separate, the U-shape kitchen design provides a number of desirable attributes.

The three benchtop areas provide a great spot for multiple cooks, each busy at their own task, to cooperate and combine their efforts. Often, a cook can be joined by a pair of chefs or dishwashers, making it a perfect layout for those of you with families to feed.

This layout also provides the perfect working triangle, allowing a chef to have arm’s length access to the oven, the fridge, and the sink. This offers this layout, with its wraparound nature, the highest level of efficiency you can introduce in to your cooking life.

The U-shape is best suited to medium to large rooms. One can fit well into a kitchen that exists as its own room, or to a larger living area which can be separated by a peninsula bench. This bench, as well as separating the two spaces, also serves as a great casual dining area, or a spot for guests to sit and enjoy as you prepare the food.

A U-shape kitchen retains its popularity in homes all across Melbourne. Adaptable and flexible, easily altered in to different design motifs, and suitable for a wide range of kitchen situations, Zesta Kitchens can ensure that this kitchen looks outstanding in your home.


  • No shortage of bench space
  • Suitable for multiple cooks
  • The ‘triangle’ is within easy reach


  • Unsuitable for very small spaces
  • Floor cabinets can occupy floor space