Are Contemporary Kitchens the new future?

White high gloss kitchens are perfect for the open plan style home as displayed in this recent kitchen installed in Richmond. The white sleek look will work with any colours or kitchen design. There is nothing better to elaborate on the style then built-in stainless-steel appliances for that clean professional feel or conceal all behind matching high gloss kitchen cabinet doors. Consider the families cooking needs when choosing the kitchen appliances as there are so many on the market. Ensure clear benchtops with great storage solutions within the kitchen cupboards to keep clutter to a minimum.

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Fresh Steamed Veggies anyone?

Vegetables have always been an important part of a healthy diet and what better way to absorb all those vitamins and minerals than steaming at home in your kitchen.  Steaming is an ancient way of cooking vegetables using steam to gently cook food infusing flavours.  This method has been traditionally used in Asian countries for many centuries.  This was often done in a bamboo steamer and was also a traditional way of cooking fish and meat as well. There is no doubt the modern way of steaming is much easier and half the mess with the steam oven used in today’s modern kitchens. Steam ovens are becoming increasingly popular as it is quick and easy not to mention the health benefits of locking in the vitamins and minerals.  This is all achieved without the use of oils and fats that are often used in cooking in woks and other kitchen [...]

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Indoor Herb Gardens

Here’s an idea for any kitchen ever thought of an indoor herb garden to brighten up the winter chills? Imagine the wonderful Italian brushetta bursting with fresh basil for your family and friends. Not to mention the wonderful aroma bursting through your kitchen. Your kitchen will smell devine but herbs have also been know to have great healing qualities. In fact, there has been much research to support basil can aid as an anti inflammatory and regular use of parsley has been reported to control blood pressure not to mention the vitamin C, B and K. So why not give it a go - all you need is a spot near your kitchen window and plant your favourite herbs. Not only will it flavour your favourite winter recipes it will also it will also keep your family healthy through the colder months!

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Kitchen Renovations Add Value

Everyone knows kitchens are the heart of the home and one of the most important considerations when purchasing a new home.  The question often asked is how much should I spend without overcapitalising on spend? It is difficult to estimate the cost of a new kitchen.  Kitchen renovations can cost as low as $2,000 or as high as $25,000.  There is always temptation to have the biggest and best so don't let your heart rule!  Be smart and capitalise on your space. As Kitchens will vary in shape, size cabinet materials, design, benchtops, splashbacks and appliances as well as any extra components required.  This might all sound complicated but an experience Melbourne Kitchen Company will be able to guide you in the kitchen design process.   Melbourne locations A kitchen renovation will also depend on where you live in Melbourne?  If you search the Real Estate Institute of Victoria or [...]

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Is this the future for kitchens?

Do you want a coffee then reach for your iphone or ipad!  Can you believe the latest trend – an ipad controlled Coffee Maker!! Scanomat in the UK have produced the Top Brewer.  With one touch of your iphone or ipad you can have a long black, cappuccino, macchiato – the list is endless. The best part is all the mechanics of the machine are contained under the bench so no mess on the kitchen benchtops – easy, slimline – we think it is sensational. Unfortunately this is only available in the UK but good news they are branching out to USA soon and who knows Australia might not be too far off! To hear about latest design trends subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you up to date – subscribe here. Zesta Kitchens call 1300 100 555 or visit

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Melbourne’s Leaders in Designer Kitchens

At Zesta Kitchens we have the best kitchen renovations Melbourne can view in a location that suits everyone. We understand the importance of this kitchen renovation investment and the attention to quality and kitchen design is paramount. Not to mention state of the art quality and cutting edge style. Bespoke kitchens from experienced designers That is why a visit to one of our kitchen showrooms is the first step for your kitchen design ideas. It is at one of our Melbourne Kitchen showrooms that our professional, qualified staff and kitchen designers can work with you to achieve what will be ultimately your perfect kitchen. Our team will work with you on your likes and dislikes, your type of home and work with the space to achieve the best possible result. All kitchen renovations are important and we take these steps from initial discussion to design to completion very seriously to [...]

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