Before and After Fitzroy North classic!

Jon was in desperate need for a new kitchen in his North Fitzroy home in Melbourne.  As you can see from this "before" photo the kitchen was old, the brickwork made the kitchen not only look dark but also very dated and tired.  The brief of course was to make the kitchen space much brighter and incorporate the kitchen space into the adjoining open dining/living space.  The Zesta Richmond Team set to work to transform this kitchen space ... and created this masterpiece - Wow! Our professional kitchen designer Joe Attard from the Richmond Showroom designed this amazing kitchen transformation.  The owner's brief of a light-filled space was definitely achieved and still keeping with the style of the home.  This streamlined versatile kitchen with the cleverly placed walk-in pantry in the corner is perfect for this couple's home. What began as a renovators delight provided an opportunity to create a well [...]

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Kitchen Designing

Interesting article by Bill Miller (KBBG UK), about the evolution of designing kitchens and the increased time required to "get it right" resulting in possible charging for design services in the UK kitchen industry - “Serious consideration now needs to be given to whether retailers should charge for their kitchen design service. At least by doing so, the designer is getting a commitment from the customer." Not sure we agree with this line as we believes working with the customer to design around the family needs is integral to helping them achieve their new kitchen. Of course we can understand their line of thinking as the design service is integral and can take several hours and even days to ensure customer satisfaction but should be part of customer service in our minds!  Read more  

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The Evolution of Kitchens in Melbourne

The sheer size and depth of the housing market in Melbourne has challenged traditional thinking on the layout and styling of the kitchen. Once dominated by the more ornamental styling of the traditional kitchen, the new boom of buyers and renovators have taken influence from a variety of new areas. For many of the new buyers in the market today, this is what they are after. Gloss Good, solid gloss finish offers more than just a gleaming surface for your kitchen. It provides an ease of cleaning and wiping down, along with fewer surface areas that would provide places of left over foodstuffs. The reflective gloss helps to spread light throughout your kitchen, as an added bonus, leading to a brighter and more welcoming atmosphere. Quality Surfacing With the first point, the second is a given: despite the desire for gloss, new homeowners aren’t looking for a finish that will [...]

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